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Leighton and I met swing dancing in Southern California while we were in college. We were married in 2007 and started our family slogan of "Adventure!" We love the water, you can find us snorkeling, surfing, and free diving with the turtles, in fact, both of our children have water-centered names! Our family travels has helped build an incredibly strong team as we challenge ourselves in new places together. We love to share our passions for the outdoors, the environment and new places & people with you so that you can have a stress free and fun vacation! We hope you join us and we look forward to sharing with you in the future.


For a daily dose of our family’s adventures, be sure to follow us on Instagram at @sunrisevoyagers.

Mahalo (Thank you) for stopping by and we look forward to getting to know you!


We love working with like minded brands, contact us at: to get in touch! 

Our Story: About
Our Story: About


Aloha, I’m Angela, the person behind the blog posts, photography and the family itinerary expert. I'm originally from Southern California but have lived all over the United States. My passions are my family, traveling, photography, learning about ancient cultures, everything about the ocean and swing dancing. 


My love for travel started at a young age, when my family would RV around the Southwestern parts of the US. There was something magical about waking up to a new place, with new discoveries to make alongside the comfort of my family. My first study abroad trip to Europe sparked a love of culture and customs of others. While later in Costa Rica I found a deep passion for conservation and adventure which is why most of our travels revolve around wildlife. I love any excuse to see a wild animal in their natural habitat! 




Aloha I’m Leighton, I’m originally from Oahu, Hawaii. I’m the family drone pilot, tech wiz, family ukulele teacher and marketing expert. I've always been a waterman, I love to surf, jet-board, dive and snowboard. I’m fascinated by the latest tech and I'm the family connaisseur of shaved ice.

Our Story: About


Aloha I’m Kainoa or Kai (ocean) and I’m the engineer of the family. You can always find me building or creating something or in the ocean, no matter what the temperature! I'm a very creative thinker and love to hike and surf, watch movies and eat popcorn. I love animals, especially dogs.

Our Story: About


Aloha I’m Brooke, the little river, I’m the athlete of our family. I love the water and sometimes people ask me if I am half mermaid. My brother is my best friend and I love to draw, listen to music, play board games and read about dragons. I have the biggest heart, love to laugh and make new friends. 

Our Story: About
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